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This year's PAX East coverage is brought to you by Alienware! Stay tuned all weekend for updates right from the floor, and don't forget to keep checking back at our YouTube channel: Curse Entertainment.

PAX East Overview
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Started in 2004 by the folks at Penny Arcade, the PAX Events draw tens of thousands of attendees each year. Featuring loads of activities and events to appeal to gamers of all genres and ages, there's never time to be bored:

  • Concerts: Live music is one of the core pillars to the convention, with this year's selection including Bit Brigade, Freezepop, MC Frontalot, Paul & Storm, Super Guitar Bros., and Triforce Quartet.
  • Exhibit Hall: Peruse hundreds of booths belonging to publishers, developers, and vendors all striving to show off the latest and greatest games, hardware, and geek gear. With over a hundred thousand square feet of show floor and all genres, platforms and styles of games represented, this area makes for one of the highlights to the PAX experience.
  • Play Areas: At PAX you'll find areas for all kinds of gaming. Gather your friends and host a D&D, Pathfinder, or any kind of tabletop game. Drop by the Handheld Lounge and plop into a beanbag chair to enjoy your 3DS, PSP, and Vita play along with others. Check out the PC and Console play areas to check out the latest titles you may have missed. There are many ways to play at PAX, why not try them all!
  • Panels: Enjoy lectures and presentations from developers and industry celebrities, ranging from informative and educational to fun and entertaining. Let the industry's experts and veterans fill your head at one of the many panels available.
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Click on a game below to see what they're offering up at PAX this year. We'll be updating the whole weekend, so stay tuned!