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Developer: Ogre Head Studio
Publisher: Ogre Head Studio
Platform: PC, SteamOS + Linux, OS X
Release Date: Q1 2017
Genre: Action, Indie

Asura is a rogue-like game with procedurally generated skill tree inspired from Indian mythos. Play as the demon incarnate and obliterate your way through the randomly generated fortress of the Daeva empire. Equip weapons from a wide variety of arsenal and carefully craft your character using the ever changing skill tree. The game can be brutal but is always fair. Can you rise from the ashes? Can you defeat the Daeva empire?

Key Features

  • Obliterate through 5 different randomly generated fortress each with its own unique aesthetic, enemies and adversities.
  • Craft your character using the procedurally generated skill tree with over 80 skills to choose from.
  • Unlock 3 different demons and unleash your fury.
  • Venture forth and get your hands on a wide variety of loot, altering your gameplay as you hack, slash and obliterate your foes in battle.
  • Confront and battle through hordes of enemies each with its unique characteristics and abilities, inspired from Indian mythos!
  • Duel and slay Heroes of the Daeva, Vanara, Naga and the Hathira race and unlock more as you destroy them in the battlefield!

PAX Reveals & Announcements

February 22, 2017: Asura Will Be @ PAX East 2017 / Indie Megabooth![edit | edit source]


We are excited to announce that Asura will be part of Indie Megabooth at PAX East 2017 with other amazing games. If you would like to check out the full line up of games then it is all over HERE!

We will be annoucing more exciting news very soon.

If you planning to be at PAX East, do drop by our booth to check out Asura in action! :)

Thank you all for your wonderful support and wishes.

Hope you see you at PAX!

Neeraj & Zain, Ogre Head Studio.

February 22, 2017: INDIE MEGABOOTH, MINIBOOTH, AND TABLETOP LINEUP: PAX 2017[edit | edit source]