Guns of Icarus: Alliance

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Developer: Muse Games
Publisher: Muse Games
Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
Release Date: Oct 29, 2012 (Main), March 2017 (Alliance Expansion)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation

The call of war beckons. Four factions, in their mighty airships, have taken to the skies over the charred remains of a post-apocalypse world. The time of reckoning is upon every captain and crew; to set forth into war to see which faction reigns supreme.

Fallen from grace, the Fjord Baronies attempt to reclaim their heritage and fulfill a destiny as prophecy foretold. The Anglean Republic obsessively scours the land for long forgotten technologies to return the world to a fabled and former paradise. Taking advantage of the world’s desperate state, the Mercantile Guild buys and sells anything worth a price to the highest bidder. And as the earth continues to bleed, the Order of Chaladon emerges from their seclusion to stem the flow and repair what has been damaged, no matter what the cost. Choose your faction and shape the future of this world!

With 13 ships, 24 guns, 26 tools and 15 special abilities, you and your crew will have the opportunity to forge new experiences and experiment with unique and never-tried-before builds and combinations thousands of times over. Test your choices again an AI Director armed with fleets of planes, an armada of ships, and imposing bosses.

Once your ship is outfitted with the most powerful guns and expert crew, set forth and battle across 36,000 square meters of terrain, over various action-packed game modes and maps. Every choice you make affects the state of the world in real time. Force other players to attack, defend, or flee with the planning of a master strategist. At the end of every season, see the culmination of your choices in our emergent narrative and player-influenced history of the world.

Outfit your ship, find a loyal crew, and take to the skies to bring glory to your faction!

Key Features

  • Co-Op PvE Missions – Fight the AI with your friends across multiple battlefields trying to complete a myriad of varied objectives.
  • Teamwork is Vital – Your ship doesn’t run if everyone isn’t working. Become a well-tuned death machine with communication and unity.
  • Actively thinking enemy AI – Have your tactics, plans, and strategies countered by an AI Director that is constantly learning from the way you play.
  • Play the Objectives! – Be pushed to your limit as you are forced to break bases, chase convoys, and defend from hordes. Each time you master a level of play the AI director ramps up the tension giving you a new challenge.
  • What are your orders, Admiral? – A faction meta-game in the vein of MMO Risk is yours to command. 56 territories need you to coordinate, strategize, influence, and make shady political deals to shape the world on a grand scale.
  • Player Written History – Your choices and actions don’t only drive your story, but the world’s. Every season players will find their deeds, fame, and infamy recorded as part of the living lore of the world. This emergent history will shape the game and future choices you get to make.
  • You’re the Captain now – Load up one of 13 unique ships with a selection of two dozen guns and arm your floating mechanical horror blistering with destructive weapons. Work with your crew to find the optimal loadout between 26 tools and 15 special abilities in thousands of combinations to crush everything in your path.
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