Ninja Tag

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Developer: Leandro Ribeiro
Publisher: Leandro Ribeiro
Platform: PC, Mac
Release Date:
Genre: Action, Arcade

Ninja Tag is a twitchy stealth brawler where 2 to 4 players compete to be the ninjaest ninja. Armed with crossbows or swords, each ninja can lurk in the dark for unexpected backstabbing or zip around the map and strike their opponents before they can react. Quick reflexes and a keen eye will tell where your enemies hide and ensure you live long enough to take them out.


  • Single Screen Stealth: Ninja Tag is a local multiplayer unlike anything you've seen before. Deceive like a ninja, hide in plain sight and execute head-rolling assassinations. Move swiftly and strike flawlessly, or become the prey.
  • Strike Like a Shadow: Combat in Ninja Tag is fast and relentless. Become invisible, teleport around and backstab your friends when they least expect it. Dodge sword stabs and shoot them with your crossbow. Enjoy the elbowing war that ensues.
  • Furious Combat Modes: Engage your friends in several twitchy combat modes. Bring a knife to a crossbow fight and emerge victorious, prove your sharpshooting skills and take down all your assailants, or stand alone and survive as long as possible against an endless onslaught of ninja assassins (just to name a few). Prove your worth, shame your opponents and bring glory to your clan!

PAX Prime Reveals & Announcements

August 21, 2015: Ninja Tag got greenlit![edit | edit source]

Hey everyone, Ninja Tag is officially greenlit, thank you so much for your votes!

The game changed quite a bit over the past weeks. New modes are in, more visual juice/audio cues were introduced and new maps are being craftes at a great pace!

For those who'll be at PAX Prime, come play Ninja Tag at the PAX 10 booth! If you can't make it to PAX Prime but live close to Boston, Ninja Tag is one of the games selected to be at Boston Festival of Indie Games (BFIG)'s digital showcase!

Keep tagging, ninjas!

July 13, 2015: PAX 10 Official Selection!!![edit | edit source]

Hey everyone, this is super exciting! Ninja Tag will be featured at this year's PAX Prime as one of PAX10 selected indie games! If you are around, come say hello, play the game and give some cool feedback!!

PAX 10 announcement link[]