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Developer: Trion Worlds
Publisher: Trion Worlds
Platform: PC, Linux, OS X, Xbox One, Playstation 4
Release Date: October 24, 2013 (Original Game), March 29, 2017 (Starfall Expansion)
Genre: Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer, RPG
Website: http://www.trionworlds.com/rift/en/

Check out the Telarapedia Wiki, right here at Gamepedia!


Purchase a Starfall Prophecy Edition to explore the Comet of Ahnket

Reach level 70, unlock legendary abilities, explore 5 massive new zones, defeat 2 deadly dungeons, conquer a dangerous new raid, challenge the brand new Fortress Sieges, and more in RIFT’s newest expansion: Starfall Prophecy!


Enhance your Ascended with Legendary Powers as you progress from Level 66-70, transforming your abilities and unleashing their full power! Multiple abilities from every Soul can be made Legendary, allowing you to customize your character even further!


Marshes, forests, deserts, and volcanic wastes have all merged together beneath the shadow of the colossal Tower of Ahnket, creating a new world of unnatural beauty and unfathomable danger.


New Dungeons.New Raid.
Planar Assault Adventures.
Fortress Sieges.


Active Upgrades

Weapons and armor can now be improved by completing heroic feats and challenges. Sharpen your sword on the hides of your enemies and toughen your boots by traversing Telara!

New Item Rarity: Eternal

Found by defeating Telara’s greatest threats, Eternal items are truly awe-inspiring artifacts, each possessing a special ability befitting such legendary equipment.

Planar Fragments

Imbue your gear with the power of the planes. Make the most of your weapons and armor by customizing their stats and abilities using Planar Fragments!

Download RIFT and enter the vast, magical world of Telara. Experience an unprecedented class system, massive dynamic battles, and player housing like you’ve never seen before.


Create a character and class to fit the way you play. Start by choosing from six races and dozens of unique Souls, each with hundreds of traits and abilities. Mix and match on the fly and re-specialize anytime you like.


Telara is a living, dynamic world where chaos can erupt at any moment. Whether you’re battling planar invasions or ancient titans alongside scores of your fellow Ascended, the next adventure is always near!


In the deep, dark places of Telara, foul creatures breed, scheme, and hoard the treasures of ages. Gather your friends and delve into dozens of dungeons and raids for groups of 2, 5, 10, and 20 players.
PAX Reveals & Announcements

March 12, 2017: Twitter[edit | edit source]

Goodbye #PAXEAST! It's been a blast - thanks again to our hardware partners: #OriginPC #Razer and #BenQ - you make our games look GREAT! pic.twitter.com/1yrqN5hkWU

C6v MVwU8AEZ9PA.jpg

March 12, 2017: Twitter[edit | edit source]

Half an hour left and then it's GAME OVER, MAN! Thank you Boston, thank you #PAXEAST, and thank you gamers, for a fantastic show!


March 12, 2017: Twitter[edit | edit source]

Keyens takes a break from soul balance & RIFT demos to help hand out posters at #PAXEAST@TrionKeyens


March 10, 2017: Twitter[edit | edit source]

Come play @Riftgame over at @TrionWorlds on our CHRONOS at #PAXEast2017

C6lhE NWoAMV5TP.jpg

March 9, 2017: Twitter[edit | edit source]

The most important part of #PAXEast Day 0 (setup day): meeting your PAX Enforcer! @Brasse & Enforcer HunchPunch confer on process!

C6gl9 OWIAA9EMz.jpg

March 7, 2017: JOIN US AT PAX EAST – MARCH 10-12![edit | edit source]


Join us at PAX East for great games, deep conversation with Devs and maybe a little swag!

We are all packed up and ready to roll in to Boston this week for PAX East, the coolest game in town.

We’re in Hall A, Booth #11055 – just look for the giant Trove voxel dragon above the booth!

The Exhibit Hall is open from are 10 AM – 6 PM on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. After hours, you may just run into some Trion folks hanging out for beer and conversation – don’t be shy, join us then too – word has it that Brasse may even buy you a drink!

We’ll have Devs and Community on site for Atlas Reactor, Trove, ArcheAge and Rift!

  • ArcheAge: Celestrata & Quillodon, your resident experts on salt and mayhem.
  • Trove: Avarem, Twixler, Junebug & DopeSheet – they’ll be playing Trove on the XBox and PS4!
  • RIFT: Vladd & Keyens, with a side order of Brasse!
  • Atlas Reactor: Muzzy, Redhawk & Bliza all go full HAM with support from Mobi.
  • Trion Creators: Streamers, YouTubers, Fan Sites and bloggers… come and meet Mobi, even if you’re not in the program yet!



We’re proud to offer a high-quality poster for each game, as well as Trove sunglasses in limited quantities for our voxel juggernaut’s biggest fans.

Make sure pick up the Trion game code card, good for a really terrific item in every one of our games! (Yes, you CAN take one for a friend!)

  • ArcheAge: Candy-fueled Fastropod Snail Mount
  • Atlas Reactor: Rask’s Citadel Purple Skin
  • Defiance: Dodge Challenger Vehicle: Furious Fuchsia
  • Devilian: Misteye Siamese Cat Pet
  • RIFT: 6th Anniversary Parade Tuskar Elephant Mount
  • Trove: Flying Carpet Mount

But wait… how can you get your hands on that glorious plush PuP? We’re glad you asked! It ain’t easy, but he’s totally worth it:

  • Take a picture with PuP – we have the plushies and a ten foot tall PuP at the booth.
  • Tweet your pic @AtlasReactor on Twitter
  • Show your tweet to a Trion staff member at the booth
  • Win a PvP or 5 Star Bot Match

These little guys are available in VERY limited quantities, and when they’re gone, they’re GONE!

See you there!