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Developer: Nyamakop
Publisher: Nyamakop
Platform: PC, OS X
Release Date: TBA
Genre: Puzzle, Platformer

Semblance is a puzzle platformer where your character and the world it inhabits is made of playdough. Squish, squash and deform your character and the world to solve puzzles in this soft, bouncy world. The world of our character, Squish, is usually entirely soft - but an infection and infestation of hard material has started to spread, feeding off the playdough world to survive. A guardian of the world gives it’s own life to give life to a very piece of the world - creating Squish. Squish must collect the very essences of their world to bring the soft world back to life.

Key Features

  • A unique playdough world to mould and deform to your will.
  • A soft and squishy character to help squeeze into tight spots, and interact with the world in different ways.
  • Gorgeous, yet simple art style.
  • Challenging puzzles for players to solve.
  • Engaging, yet minimalist story.

PAX Reveals & Announcements

February 22, 2017: INDIE MEGABOOTH, MINIBOOTH, AND TABLETOP LINEUP: PAX 2017[edit | edit source]