Stone Story RPG

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Developer: Martian Rex
Publisher: Martian Rex
Platform: PC, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android
Release Date:
Genre: RPG

Stone Story is an RPG set in a dark and vile world. The game's fluid ASCII art is painstakingly animated in plain text by a single insane game developer. Currently in closed alpha, the game features 8 locations to explore, each with an epic boss fight, mind-blowing ASCII cutscenes and plenty of loot to discover. Much more content is planned once the project reaches beta.

In Stone Story you don't control the main character directly. You tell it which items to wield and what location to explore and an artificial intelligence takes care of all the combat and looting. That doesn't mean this is an idle game. Potions and special abilities are maximized by good timing, while boss fights can require quick item swaps if their pattern changes. An expansive item crafting system allows you to combine otherwise disposable items--rewarding experimentation and making full use of all the gathered loot. The casual play contrasts with the retro visuals, creating a unique experience that blends nostalgia with modern design principles.

Key Features

  • 8 unique locations to explore.
  • 8 epic boss fights.
  • An expansive loot system with crafting.
  • Mind-blowing cinematics.
  • All animated in plain text ASCII style.

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