Zero Sum

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Developer: NextGen Pants, Inc.
Publisher: NextGen Pants, Inc.
Platform: Tabletop
Release Date: Q1 2017
Genre: Card, Strategy, Futuristic

A strategy card game set in a futuristic galaxy where players shape the fate of humanity by retrieving ancient technology from the ruins of a lost civilization. Representing powerful corporations, players take on the roles of agents, commanding soldiers, scientists and spies in overcoming challenging conditions on inhospitable planets.

Explore the hostile world of Zatheon Alpha 3, an icy, wind-blasted planet on the fringes of colonized space. Build your foothold here as best you can, but it won’t be easy. The greatest danger may not be the wild animals or the unstable terrain, but rather a knife in the dark from a corporate spy or worse, one of your very own.

Your corporation is only willing to give you so much for the mission to this fringe planet. You must learn to balance the give and take, risk and reward of your resource flow. Be careful with what you have, for if your resources run dry, you’ll no longer be able to react to the countless dire situations that may arise this far out in space.

PAX Reveals & Announcements

February 22, 2017: See You At PAX East![edit | edit source]


We are proud to announce our participation in the Indie Tabletop MEGABOOTH at this year’s PAX East. Join us March 10th-12th in the Tabletop booth to playtest the game, learn more about our Kickstarter, or talk with us about the world, art, and design of Zero Sum.

February 22, 2017: INDIE MEGABOOTH, MINIBOOTH, AND TABLETOP LINEUP: PAX 2017[edit | edit source]